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The goal of the TAWANI Foundation isn’t simply to do good, it’s to do well. It’s to ensure our funding makes a real difference not just for the organizations we support, but for the people they serve and the missions they pursue. Our grant recipients are painstakingly vetted and selected – and their numerous success stories are proof of investments well made.


“One ‘Aw, Shit’ Wipes out a Thousand Attaboys”: Why Billionaire GOP Donor Jennifer Pritzker Is Abandoning Trump After Coming out as Trans

In 1881, Naphtali ben Yakov Pritzker arrived in Chicago, a 10-year-old penniless Jewish immigrant from Ukraine. Nicholas, as he later was known, taught himself English, worked his way through law…

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Norwich University Receives $269k from TAWANI Foundation for Student Life Programs, Service Abroad

Norwich University will receive $269,000 from the TAWANI Foundation for the Student Life Fund, the Annual Fund, the Sullivan Museum and History Center, with the bulk going towards the Norwich…


Why should I support a political party that is marginalizing me out of existence?

To me, restrictions on transgender military service are personal. I am a transgender woman. Before my transition, I served as a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army. I am proud…