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The goal of the TAWANI Foundation isn’t simply to do good, it’s to do well. It’s to ensure our funding makes a real difference not just for the organizations we support, but for the people they serve and the missions they pursue. Our grant recipients are painstakingly vetted and selected – and their numerous success stories are proof of investments well made.


Colonel Pritzker ’68 Returns to Parker

Military veteran, historian, businesswoman, investor, developer, philanthropist, transgender woman and Parker graduate Col. (IL) Jennifer Pritzker ’68 returned to the school recently to speak at Morning Ex about the importance…

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“One ‘Aw, Shit’ Wipes out a Thousand Attaboys”: Why Billionaire GOP Donor Jennifer Pritzker Is Abandoning Trump After Coming out as Trans

In 1881, Naphtali ben Yakov Pritzker arrived in Chicago, a 10-year-old penniless Jewish immigrant from Ukraine. Nicholas, as he later was known, taught himself English, worked his way through law…


Norwich University Receives $269k from TAWANI Foundation for Student Life Programs, Service Abroad

Norwich University will receive $269,000 from the TAWANI Foundation for the Student Life Fund, the Annual Fund, the Sullivan Museum and History Center, with the bulk going towards the Norwich…