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The goal of the TAWANI Foundation isn’t simply to do good, it’s to do well. It’s to ensure our funding makes a real difference not just for the organizations we support, but for the people they serve and the missions they pursue. Our grant recipients are painstakingly vetted and selected – and their numerous success stories are proof of investments well made.


Statement from University of Minnesota President on issues related to transgender and nonbinary rights

Across the country, institutions of higher education are responding to proposed changes in the federal definition of gender under Title IX. If implemented, gender would be defined as male or…

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Voters overwhelmingly support Question 3 on transgender rights

Massachusetts voters resoundingly reaffirmed the rights of transgender people Tuesday, voting by a 2-1 ratio to uphold the 2016 state law that bars discrimination against them in such public places…


Col. Jennifer Pritzker and TAWANI Foundation Win WPATH Philanthropy Award

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) recognized Col. Jennifer Pritzker and the TAWANI Foundation with a Philanthropy Award for their longstanding support of WPATH and of the work required to…