Helping bring the Charles Gates Dawes story to life

Sometimes, uncovering wisdom from the past is a great gift to improve lives today. That was precisely the intent behind the TAWANI Foundation providing funding to publish the biography, “Charles Gates Dawes: A Life.”

The book, written by Annette B. Dunlap and published by the Evanston Historical Society, is the first comprehensive account of Dawes. The Evanston native served as vice president under Calvin Coolidge and received a Nobel Prize in 1925.

His prize-worthy achievements centered on Dawes’ expertise as a diplomat who helped avert war when the punitive armistice disabled Germany after WWI. He helped broker a solution that renegotiated Germany’s massive debt repayment.

Dunlap recounts the ebullient and irrepressible figure, painting a picture of an American original who enlightened and enlivened the world.